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Celebrate the Small Wins

There is a lot in this life to be excited about. There is a lot that we think we are striving for. Often times we are searching for something "BIG" we are wanting a BIG change or a BIG growth/improvement.

Yet those only come every so often.

So spend the time rather than waiting, looking for the small wins to be grateful for. Look for the little things that have grown.

For me recently it was a VERY small win 🤣 and of course, each win will look different for everyone that is involved.

I created a Youtube training video on software I am passionate about. It got a WHOPPING 14 views 😅

Out over those 14 views (SO FAR!! I am shooting for the MOON DARN IT 🌜) I got an email. Literally the first REAL email to Up to this point, I could not tell you if it was working tbh (To be honest).

The reason I got an email? They want the template in the video. Like legit emailed me and said Thank you for making the video, and I would love to have the template you mentioned in the video.

It feels a little silly, but at the same time. Even if I got 1,000 views (which would also be a Win!) The fact that a single human benefited, reached out, and wanted to use the template/design that I worked on?

Now that is a win!

So take the time in your day and what you are building, to celebrate the little wins!

Wishing everyone the best out there!

Keep Beginning to Begin your own things!


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