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🌮Nacho Average Project Manager

What is a project manager and why am I pursuing a certificate to make myself better at it?

Well after taking a look at the t-shirt and hopefully getting a good chuckle let's start to unpack it shall we? 😀

Project management boils down to a company needing to hire something to make sure that whatever it is they want to be done, gets done on time and executed well.

Specifically, I prefer technical project management. Which usually deals with developers in addition to the customers, and all of the other elements.

There are hundreds of sub-categories, IT Project Manager, sometimes people call them Solutions Architect which sounds SUPER Fancy 🤵 <<More on this Title Later

Some skills that might make you a good project manager:

  • Organized

  • Like to manage chaos. Like the idea of a completely disheveled disaster being cleaned up under your supervision :)

  • You like a challenge

  • You enjoy helping customers

  • You enjoy puzzles 🧩

Some skills that make you a bad project manager:

  • You hate people

  • You think that people are stupid and if they can't figure it out, then move on

  • You have an engineering mindset 😉 (Sorry not sorry Devs)

So I personally am up for a challenge. I have been a project manager for about 5 years. I find it incredibly rewarding, but the t-shirt feels decently accurate. At times it feels like everything is on fire. 🚒

I have found that helping our customers begin to use our software has impacted their life so positively. I want to continue to assist people, but getting the most out of their software. I have always wanted my own Wikipedia page, so I have been working on some SWEET quotes and one of them is...

A software only reaches its max potential based upon its implementation - Jesse Schaa

I stand by this quote, for several reasons. If you think about it, the quote is fairly simple in nature, the idea that something is only as good as its execution. In most software integrations that means, the person who is executing the project.

If you have an EXCELLENT program, but it's implemented like crap, you still have a crap program.

The key is how to integrate it for each customer, the challenge comes with how each customer is different, and their needs. A machine (Currently) cannot do this very well, so we need people. A person to intercede and understand how to build something to fit the customer's need. This is why I find that the job title of Solution Architect might be more fitting. They are building and finding solutions for the customer.

So if you are interested in becoming a project manager after that, well GOOD FOR YOU 😆

Check out some of these resources:

Also take a look at my podcast. I am starting a whole series on Project management! It's gonna be awesome!

You can review it here: Beginning To Begin Podcast

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