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🧠Taking the Break. For real.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Take a break. Take a breathe. Know that it is okay to exhale after good weeks work. These are ideas that do not come to me enough.

So often I focus on the list that remains. Rather than taking satisfaction in the list that had been completed. I think that moments of reflection at the end of every week are a healthy way to go into the weekend.

I did a poor job of letting myself get the rest I needed in life a few years back. I kept pushing and pushing. I pushed my own abilities. I pushed my families capacity and sadly my own wife's capacity.

I woke up one day realizing I had anxiety. My wife was burnt out. My family was in complete disorder. All for what? I can't even tell you 😑. I never paused to give myself or my family a break. I kept pushing trying to grow my capacity, but I only had the opposite affect. Just like muscles in a gym need to be trained. But after the training comes rest...healing. Training after training does not grow muscle it just becomes exhaustion. 😫

After that day happened. I knew I had to work extra hard on setting boundaries and getting that break I needed for me. But more importantly for my family so that they did not peak on capacity. I had to start thinking about time as a resource. If my employer was given 10 of my 40 acres, I would never give them another 20 because I would want that for my family. Time is the same, if not more important of a resource, because we cannot buy any of it back.

Don't get me wrong. There are seasons where you will need to put in the extra work. Just make sure it's a season 🙈. When you are in that season make sure you focus on what fills you up the most. Don't just focus on the easy "unplugs" like TV.

Is it reading a book? When you go to the 🚽 bring that book and not your phone. 😅

I am sure you know your own capacity. So make sure you listen to your body. The moment you feel anxious you have been running on low for TOO LONG.

Some things that I have learned when I am feeling at capacity...

  • Buy and drink my favorite Tea

  • Call or text a friend or family member I have not talked to in a while

  • Journal & Pray

  • Go for a run

  • Go on a date with my wife without the kids

  • Sit by running water 🏞️

  • Go to bed early

Finding your own things can be a fun journey. I urge you to take that journey before you wake up and realize your life is on fire 🔥

Some of you reading my feel like your life is too busy. Well the best time to start is right now. Feeling hopeless we can connect on a Zoom for some Tea and convo ☺️. No one should feel hopeless. Find the things that help you unplug and find true rest.

Comment your favorite ways to unplug!


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