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Trying To Fail โŒ. Training to Succeed ๐Ÿ’ช

If you were to randomly walk into my life whether starting at 6am, or 8pm, I think that you would mark my life as messy. From the living room floor having legos to the kitchen table having a coffee ring still on it from the morning. My life is by no means perfect or in order or puts together.

My days are a WIN in my book ๐Ÿฅ‡ if...

  • Kids are dressed

  • There is no jam or some kind of goo on my clothing before work

  • I have had a cup of coffee

I don't always get my run in before I start my day, and I don't always wake up on time. My life is marked with mess. Yet so many times I think all of our lives look this way. All of our lives have some degree of mess to them.

If you were to look at my life, you could either see success or failure. What is the difference?

Well in life so much of it comes down to perspective. How you view the data, in what light you are looking at it.

I have found that it comes down to either of the following perspectives:

  1. Trying

  2. Training

When we are trying to do something, we will find that it leaves room for failure.

  • I am trying to become a runner, but only got out 2 times this week = Failure

  • I am trying to become a programmer, but only pushed one commit to GIT hub this week = Failure

  • I am trying to start a blog, but only wrote 5 articles this month = Failure

Yet when you change your perspective from a try to a train, then you will find that the SAME exact performance has different results

  • I am training to become a runner, but only got out 2 times this week = Next week I can do more.

  • I am training to become a programmer but only pushed one commit to GIT hub this week = It felt good to get after

  • I am training to start a blog, but only wrote 5 articles this month = That is 5 more than I ever did before

When you spend your time thinking about how much you are trying, you will often get discouraged. You are trying to hold your marriage together, you are trying to spend more time with your kids.

  • Trying at its Best = We did it, we achieved it and now we can relax in our "try".

  • Trying at its Worst = We failed it, we did not become the runner, father, or blogger we intended to be


  • Training at its Best = We are crushing our goals and growing more and more. We continue to pursue our careers, kids, and family and keep after it

  • Training at its Worst = Today was a bad day, but tomorrow can be a good day

  • You don't try to climb Mt. Everest

  • You don't try to run a Marathon

  • You don't try to get a law Degree

  • You don't try to become a Doctor

  • You don't try to build a community

  • You don't try to build a Non-Profit

  • You don't try to Rebuild your Family

  • You don't try to rebuild your marriage

...YOU TRAIN. YOU TRAIN YOUR FACE OFF! These hard and difficult things are trained, trying never gets you there.

It is time to Shift our Mindset ๐Ÿง 

Training is literally everything in life, training is what life is about. Training to improve and training to grow ourselves into a better version of ourselves.

So the next time you find yourself failing, check yourself, because you probably were trying to get it done. Not training.

Remember when you are training and not trying, you don't succeed or fail, you only are left with Good Days ๐ŸŒž and Bad Days.

Now go start TRAINING to Begin to Begin.


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